Code of Ethics

At Middlebury Swim Team we encourage a positive team spirit and friendly competition in a safe atmosphere. Toward that end, we are committed to a Code of Ethics that promotes a fun, healthy, and nurturing environment:

  • All team members must refrain from any conduct, which may constitute bullying.
  • Bullying may be defined as deliberately hurtful behavior such as hitting, kicking, theft, name-calling, ridiculing, humiliating, intimidating, or threats.
  • Coaches must respect the rights, dignity, and worth of every human being and their right to self-determination. Coaches must treat everyone equally.
  • The primary concern of the coach will be the well-being, health, and future of the individual swimmer, and only secondary, the optimization of performance.
  • Coaches have the right to ensure safety. All reasonable steps will be taken to establish a safe working and learning environment.