Tips for Meets

What to Bring

It is important that each swimmer comes prepared to each meet. Preparation helps swimmers feel comfortable and ready to compete. Each swimmer should bring:

  • Identification on bag in case it is misplaced
  • Team suit (a spare for just in case is a good idea)*
  • Cap and goggles (extras are always good to have too!)**
  • Towels (2 or more are always helpful if one gets really wet!)
  • Sweatshirt, sweatpants, or other warm clothing
  • Water bottle (is it very important to stay hydrated!)
  • Snacks (but most likely they will be provided at the concession stand if forgotten)
  • A pen or marker to write event, heat, and lane #’s on hand or forearm
  • A dry change of clothes for after the meet and any shower necessities

*Team suits are not required.

**Caps are not required. However, if a swimmer chooses to wear a cap in competition it must be a team cap.

What to do after a meet

  • Tell your child how great he/she did! The coaches will be sure to discuss stroke technique and the race overall with them after each swim.
  • Tell your child how proud you are of him/her and what a great job s/he did.
  • Check and double check for forgotten suits, towels, goggles, ribbons, and other items that you brought to the meet.
  • It is always good sportsmanship to stay and support teammates even if your child’s events are finished. If you cannot stay after your child has completed all of his/her events, check with a coach before you leave.